The preliminary question in invalidation proceedings in respect of a patent, protection right or right in registration, selected issues

Under Article 97 § 1 paragraph 4 of the Code of Administrative Procedure (CAP), a public administration authority suspends proceedings where the examination of the case and issue of a decision depend on a prior decision of another authority or court on preliminary questions.

Under Article 256 of the Industrial Property Law (IPL), this provision by virtue of Article 252 IPL applies directly to litigation proceedings before the Patent Office such as proceedings to invalidate a patent or the right in registration of an industrial design, utility model, geographical indication, topography of integrated circuit, or to invalidate the protection right for a trademark.

The issue of suspension, under Article 97 § 1 paragraph 4 CAP, of proceedings to invalidate a patent, the right of protection and the right in registration is the subject of this article.

Joanna Dominowska
Zeszyty Naukowe Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego. Prace z prawa własności intelektualnej, z. 2 (120) z 2013 r.;